Our Story

Located In The Historic Downtown District

The Newberry Hotel is a two story structure of approximately 25,000 square feet at the corner of Main and Caldwell Streets in downtown Newberry, built in 1878, of Romanesque Revival style.

The Newberry Opera House was constructed in the same era as the Newberry Hotel and was designed by the same architect.

In 1820, an earlier hotel had been built on the site, called over the years by different names. It burned in 1877 and a new hotel was built. The Hotel closed in the 1950s.

Originally the hotel had forty five rooms located on the second floor that are now apartments, studios, and Wedding and Special Events Venues.

The first floor had the hotel lobby, a kitchen and a dining room, which now are available as Venue Spaces. At one time the first floor had five retail storefronts. Today these storefronts house the Newberry Arts Center and the Newberry Literacy Council.

Mary and Joe McDonald bought this hotel in July of 2016 and are developing their vision.